Notice to patients Re: Covid-19  


Still Point Osteopathy is open! 


As regulated healthcare professionals, osteopaths have been allowed to continue working

throughout this Covid-19 epidemic. However, Still Point, along with the majority of other UK practices, closed for a short period until there was more information on how to provide as safe an environment as possible for patients to visit.


I have put procedures in place to bring practice operations in line with the required infection control guidance, including regular cleaning and the use of PPE. These measures are particularly stringent as the patient-practitioner interaction inevitably requires contact within the 2-metre social distancing space to which we have all become accustomed.


Whilst I can now welcome you again for consultation/treatment, please do not attend the practice if any of the following apply to you:

  • You, a household member, or anyone you have had contact with, has a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 or has had Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days (temperature of > 37.8 °C, sore throat, persistent cough or breathing difficulty).


If you cannot attend the practice due to the above, or if you do not feel comfortable doing so, and you are concerned about your pain or any other symptoms, then please do not suffer in silence. You should contact either myself, your G.P. or NHS 111 for a telephone consultation in order to ensure you receive appropriate care. 



I have made several adaptations to the practice so please be aware of the following before attending: 


Please bring your own towel, two if possible.

Please bring two freshly laundered bath sheets with you, one to lay on, and the other for modesty/warmth. The treatment bed will be otherwise uncovered so that it can be disinfected between patients. 


Please be prompt.

I am booking in each patient with a 15-30 minute gap between each. This minimizes crossover where two patients may meet in my small waiting area, whilst also allowing me time to implement hygiene procedures between each patient. Please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, and please don’t be offended if I don’t have as much time to chat afterwards as usual.


Please wear a mask if you are happy to do so.

If at all possible, patients are requested to wear their own face mask for the duration of their appointment. Please apply your mask before entering the premises, and retain until after you have departed. If you would like to wear a mask but cannot source your own, I can provide one for you. 


Please attend the practice on your own where possible.

Unless, of course, you wish to be accompanied by a chaperone to make you feel more comfortable, or you are accompanying a child who is attending for treatment. 


Please wash your hands on arrival.

There will be hand-sanitizer available on arrival, or you can use the bathroom sink upstairs if you prefer. 



You can make an appointment online, by email, or by phone: 


1.     Online booking via this link:     



2.     Call and leave me a voicemail and I’ll ring back to arrange an appointment: 01539 730102


3.     Send me an email: james@stillpoint-thelakes.co.uk




Welcome to Still Point 

by James Conway M.Ost. - Osteopath


Still Point is a small, but busy, osteopathic practice based in the market town of Kendal. The practice was chosen for its location; set in the heart of the town yet retaining a sense of peacefulness and calm. Situated on a narrow cobbled lane just opposite ‘Quiggins’ mint cake factory, there are views over the rooftops towards Kendal castle and the nearby fells.


The practice was established in 2001 by my father, Clifford Conway, and like him I trained for four years at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in Kent. I qualified in 2018 and returned to settle in my hometown with my wife, Jo. It was a great privilege to take over the running of my father’s practice, and the care of his many wonderful patients, while he eases into a well-deserved retirement.


Still Point can be described as being a true family practice. I have experience in treating patients of all ages and with a wide spectrum of complaints, applying osteopathic principles with a holistic approach. As no two patients are alike, treatment is always tailored to the individual’s needs, preferences and sensibilities and I use a variety of different treatment approaches. A common perception of osteopathy is that we often “crack backs”, but whilst spinal/joint manipulation may be incorporated where appropriate, the majority of treatment is very gentle, utilizing cranial/functional methods, articulation and soft tissue techniques. 


I am very enthusiastic about one particular osteopathic methodology known as S.A.T. (Specific Adjusting Technique), the details of which can be found in the dedicated section above. Also, having suffered a prolapsed (“slipped”) intervertebral disc myself whilst training, I took a special interest in the treatment of such injuries and this became the subject of my Masters research dissertation. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy working with expectant mothers and babies. As the body changes throughout pregnancy, there is an increased physical demand placed upon it, especially around the spine and pelvis. Osteopathy can help to alleviate strains by better allowing the body to adapt to these changes. Osteopathic treatment may also be beneficial to babies and children at all stages of development.


Please explore this website for more information about osteopathy, what problems it might help you with, and what to expect from consultation and treatment. 


If you think I might be able to help you, then I would be glad to welcome you to Still Point.


For appointments please see dedicated section above or you can register as a patient and book online using this link:





Or alternatively call me on:

01539 730102